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Medical Marijuana Initiative

Follow the money behind Florida's medical marijuana battle

Florida's proposed Amendment 2 to legalize medical marijuana has drawn two major groups of campaign donors. United for Care, the amendment sponsor, has attracted thousands of supporters, who, aside from leader John Morgan, most frequently give small amounts, many below $100. The Drug Free Florida Committee, the mai …


  1. Popular with voters, medical marijuana finds few champions in Tallahassee

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Medical marijuana's implementation is turning out to be a slow burn.

  2. Galvano to advocate medical pot research at Moffitt


    As lawmakers grapple with implementing medical marijuana in Florida, a powerful senator is pushing for the state to set up a pot research program at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

  3. Even after Tuesday, uncertainty clouds medical marijuana in Florida

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Even though Floridians voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to allow medical marijuana, patients are months away from being able to purchase the drug.

  4. Florida overwhelmingly votes to legalize medical marijuana

    State Roundup

    Patients suffering from debilitating illnesses will soon have access to medical marijuana in Florida after voters approved Amendment 2 Tuesday.

  5. If medical marijuana passes, how would Rubio or Murphy advocate in the Senate?


    If Floridians vote to legalize medical marijuana through Amendment 2 on Tuesday, the state will open its borders to a new, booming industry that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars in just a few years.

  6. Out-of-state groups dominate fundraising in final months of Florida's medical marijuana fight


    For the last two months, most of the money fueling Florida’s medical marijuana fight hasn’t been coming from Florida families hoping for patient access to medical marijuana or anti-drug activists who worry about the impact on their home state.

  7. Map: Here's where Floridians voted 'yes' on medical marijuana in 2014


    In one week, voting ends — and Florida could become the latest state to legalize medical marijuana.