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    1. Work requirements for Florida Medicaid recipients move forward in House

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Some low-income people who rely on Medicaid may have to meet new work requirements to keep their health care under legislation passed by the Florida House on Wednesday.

    2. An unleashed immune system can attack cancer, organs


      As Chuck Peal lay in a Waterbury, Conn., emergency room one Sunday in early September, doctors furiously tried to make sense of his symptoms. Peal, 61, appeared to be dying and they were not sure why.

    3. Popular with voters, medical marijuana finds few champions in Tallahassee

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Medical marijuana's implementation is turning out to be a slow burn.

    4. Former Tampa General Hospital CEO says finances played a role in his ouster


      Former Tampa General Hospital CEO Jim Burkhart was pushed out by the hospital's board of directors, he told the Tampa Bay Times late Wednesday.

    5. Tampa General Hospital CEO Jim Burkhart resigns


      TAMPA — Tampa General Hospital CEO Jim Burkhart, who led the region's largest safety-net facility for nearly four years, resigned his position Tuesday, a spokesman confirmed.

    6. Galvano to advocate medical pot research at Moffitt


      As lawmakers grapple with implementing medical marijuana in Florida, a powerful senator is pushing for the state to set up a pot research program at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

    7. Eight months after losing confirmation fight, Armstrong leaves DOH


      Since March, when it was clear the Senate would not confirm him as state surgeon general, Dr. John Armstrong has continued to cash a paycheck while on medical …

    8. Drug costs surge for many older Americans, despite Medicare coverage


      To avoid liver damage, Roberta Solar, a 71-year-old cancer patient, has to take a medicine called ursodiol, perhaps for the rest of her life.

    9. As the Aedes aegypti mosquito spreads globally, so does the risk of epidemics


      Of all the mosquito species that populate the planet, few have proved themselves more resilient or more deadly to humans than the Aedes aegypti. The epidemics fueled by this tiny mosquito stretch across hundreds of years and include millions of victims.

    10. Making spirits bright: a look at some fitness and beauty gift ideas


      Finding a good-for-you gift that says "I chose this with love" isn't an easy thing.