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  1. The talk at the Tampa auto show is how more of us are buying cars by email, text and vending machine



    What does it look like to buy a car in 2016?

  2. People are buying cars like crazy, but more are getting in trouble with their loans


    Auto lending is on pace this year to hit the highest levels in 17 years, and regulators are warning about an "increased level of distress" among millions of Americans who are falling behind on their loan payments.

  3. The Daily Drivers: 2016 Toyota Sienna XLE


    Appearance: The Sienna still has a somewhat muscular appearance, with character lines that wrap around the front wheel wells and continue down the side. The short hood dips down into the bold grille, which in our second-from-the-top-trim XLE is chrome with horizontal slats. Our Sienna came in Blizzard Pearl ($395 …

  4. The Daily Drivers: 2016 Acura RDX AWD


    We've often been disappointed by Acura because we feel it hasn't distanced itself enough from parent Honda to truly be seen as a luxury brand. But sometimes, less is more. Such is the case with the RDX, the compact SUV, which gets a mid-cycle refresh. So is Acura making progress? Slowly.

  5. My Favorite Car: '80 Triumph Spitfire, James Garey, 63, Valrico


    '80 Triumph Spitfire

    I have several old British cars, but my 1980 Spitfire has become my favorite. I am only the third owner and it is still in its original paint so is classified as a "survivor" at car shows. Spitfires were built from 1962 through 1980. In the later years, the U.S. government …